Secret No.3

Anti-aging Bond Repair Treatment

An intense serum that regenerates, repairs, protects and fortifies hair. An exclusive complex of proteins and natural peptides that, in synergy, regenerate the hair fibre in depth.
Wash your hair with shampoo, NO CONDITIONER. Towel-dry. Start by taking a small amount of product and gradually add more according to need, length and condition of hair. Distribute well from ends to roots. Processing time 5 minutes. Do not rinse. Proceed with blow-drying


Our Secret Touch

Anti-aging Bond Repair Pre-Treatment

The secret formula of Bondage consists in a blend of proteins capable to penetrate deeply within the hair cuticles, reaching the core of the hair fibre and acting as a filler to smooth it providing hydration where it matters

A protein complex that rebalances the chemical composition of the hair fiber and compensates for missing protein components.

Bondage Complex


An essential aminoacid with high biological affinity, possessing significant restructuring and moisturizing capabilities. It can easily penetrate the hair fiber to restore its natural keratin in areas where it has broken

Rise peptide

Due to enzymatic hydrolysis, the natural proteins present in rice are broken down, allowing the extraction of peptides. These peptides, owing to their low molecular weight, can penetrate the hair cuticle to restore its protein structure


Thanks to its high affinity with hair keratin, proline easily penetrates the outer cuticle, reaching the inner cortex and restoring the damaged protein structure. Hair becomes stronger and more resistant to breakage


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