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Each step of this journey is a commitment to your beauty. The services BondAge Secret No 1 and BondAge Secret No 2 create the perfect foundation for BondAge Secret No 3. When these salon treatments combine with the regenerative power of BondAge Secret No 3, the result is timeless beauty and enchanting hair.

The ultimate solution for repairing and regenerating the hair fibre:

The BondAge Complex

BondAge Complex is an active complex with a protective, restructuring and repairing effect.

Thanks to the low molecular weight, BondAge Complex is absorbed deeply into the hair cuticle, restoring and repairing the hair fibre.

Its effectiveness is due to the unique natural synergy of three amino acids (Arginine, Proline, Sodium PCA) and a rice-derived peptide that provides a stimulating effect.

100% made in Italy.

A professional regenerative and protective system in 3 steps:
Two exclusive Secrets to be used in the Hair Salon to perform your technical services and a unique Secret to be used at home to improve your beauty routine to the next level.


Hair protection from damage of bleaching.


Visible improvement of hair structure with protective action.


Visible improvement and total repair of hair structure.

Our Secret formula: advanced hair-care science


An essential amino acid with a high biological affinity, endowed with significant restructuring and moisturizing power. It can easily penetrate inside the hair fiber to restore its natural keratin where it has broken.

Hydrolyzed Rice Peptide

Thanks to enzymatic hydrolysis, the proteins naturally present in rice are broken down, allowing the extraction of peptides. These peptides, due to their low molecular weight, can penetrate the hair cuticle to restore its protein structure.


Thanks to its high affinity with hair keratin, proline easily penetrates the outer cuticle, reaching the inner cortex and restoring the damaged protein structure. The hair becomes stronger and more resistant to breakage.

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